Find out more about the strong point of the resort: the sports structure.

An infrastructure used by several national and international soccer clubs.

In complete harmony with the landscape and surrounded by an extensive green area, the Oscar Inn Eco Resort offers five (05) official soccer fields, and a complete infrastructure to serve professional athletes, amateurs, beginners and all those seeking the practice of sport as a healthy way to live a good time.

Soccer Pratice Program

Your feets in good hands

Did you know that Brasilis FC, a company of Oscar Inn complex, has a soccer pratice program? The athlete interested in hiring this service will receive:

  • Technical, tactical and physical training under the supervision of our professionals;
  • Training schedule twice a day (from 09am to 11am and 15pm to 17pm), and friendly matches at weekends;
  • Experience and discipline of routine training for the athlete who aims to become a winner;
  • Motivational talks;
  • Psychological support, if necessary, to fit the new reality.

We have packages of 03, 06 and 12 months.

To learn more, visit:
Or call to the details: (19) 3824 9009/9014

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