A relaxing place space based on the oriental life style

An unique experience of health and wellness

Thinking about the host’s welness and health, the Oscar Inn Eco Resort conceived a spa based on the Eastern lifestyle. It offers a great relaxing option for men and women of all ages, who aim to balance body and mind. And, appart from other resorts, to use this space, you don't have to pay extra taxes.

The full experience

"Onsen" Oriental Garden

"Onsen" means "thermal waters" in Japanese, and it is believed that bathing in such waters promotes and exalts the search for inner balance. The guest can take a bath surrounded by the beauty of native natural resources.

Dry and Wet Sauna

Relieves back pain, increases blood circulation, skin hydration, unclogs pores, combat stress and hypertension. It relaxes the muscles, clean and unclog the airways and impurities expelled from the body.


The air and water jets massage the whole body, increasing the blood circulation, oxygenation, and eliminating the toxins. It prevents some kinds of diseases like arthritis and rheumatism, fights fatigue and stress, making the skin softer and brighter.

Hot Tub

It’s a sacred ritual created by Japanese people. They used to have bathtub bath in hot tubs since samurais age. The hot water is inviting and recalls the uterus, reducing stress, cleaning the skin, improving the hormonal balance through glandular stimulation, and furthermore, muscle detoxification. Come relax and relief daily stress in our hot tub.


The bathhouse also has aesthetic treatments, such as relaxing and shaping massages.  Some of the services include Electrotherapy equipment such as ultrasound, Russian current, endermologie, among others. Everything to care for your health and beauty (value charged separately).

Kneipp Route

A route that alternates between hot water and cold water, both with rock ground. During the walk, muscles, tissues, and blood vessels of the lower limbs are stimulated, while fortifying, relaxing and improving cell oxygenation.

Heated Pool

For relaxing moments with your family. A pleasant place, where hydro-gymnastic classes are provided.

Scottish shower

The stimulus alternating hot and cold water under pressure improves blood and lymph circulation, massages, vitalizes and balances throughout the body and fights fatigue.

Water massage for legs

The hot water jet that hits the wounded area, promotes analgesia. It is indicated specially for arthritis, luxation, sprains, muscles rigidity, and post-surgical pain.

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