Brasilis Kids Soccer Camp

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Bring your children to experience the daily life of a professional athlete!

There is some kids who are so passionate about soccer that trades any other activity to play a mach. At the Oscar Inn Eco Resort your child has the opportunity to experience the daily life of a professional athlete.

The goal of the camp is to teach the fundamentals of soccer but it is not necessary that the kid or teenager is a playmaker. The most important thing is that he should be interested and should push hard on trainings.

The trainings take place in our training center, which already hosted large national and international teams, and athe the 2014 World Cup, the national team of Ivory Coast.

The camp consists in:

  • Presentation of technical concepts and tactical soccer
  • Improvement of individual and collective fundamentals
  • Use sport as a tool to assist in the education of children, sharing values such as respect for others, friendship, discipline, among others.

When trainings happen?

The trainings take place 4 times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays) always in one of the five official camps at Oscar Inn Eco Resort and with graduated and experienced coaches.

Bring your child to train in the same place where your idols played!